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Contraception isn’t a maternal health issue?

God Doesn't Have a Plan BSo get this: Stephen Harper is hosting this year’s G8 Summit in the backwater-come-cottage-country of Muskoka, Ontario.  At last years summit, he chose, as his main social aim of the summit, to address issues of global maternal health… but when it came to laying out the plans for this year’s summit, there was one key omission from the objectives previously outlined by the other G8 leaders: apparently, according to Harper’s lot, contraception and reproductive rights are not part of maternal health.

Read that again.

This seems to summarise the state of Canadian politics; fundamentalist ideology, replacing measured policy.  According to the Globe and Mail, “Two of [Harper’s] senior ministers have said that contraception isn’t part of the initiative as the policy is aimed at saving lives.”

How can this possibly be argued?  Everywhere in the world where people use them, condoms save lives!  I don’t feel that amongst those of you who read this, I would have to make any more of an argument here, but here goes: When sperms have deadly diseases in them – as many of them d0 – condoms keep those diseases from spreading to others… this argument should be enough to put it on the maternal health agenda, methinks…

Christian fundos are still running our government, even after the rapture-preaching Doomsdayists of the Bush junta have had to bow-out from such activities south of the 49th… Scary to think we might actually be setting a lower bar than the Americans on such an important global issue…